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How To Use

First, you should create zip archive containing blog records. Every file from archive should contain one record. You should number text files with number followed by hyphen (numbers are used for sorting). For example:

01-First record.txt
02-Second record.txt

You can specify record title inside the file - this is helpful when your title contains special signs like ":" or "?" which can not be used in filenames. See the 'Available Override Codes' section below.

Records will be imported into the database in the order their filenames are numbered. That's why we need these numbers - there is no such thing like 'natural file order' inside zip archive.

Of course, your blog records should be not plain text but good html instead (nevermind .txt extension). You should add html tags for paragraphs, links and so on.

Files must have same charset as your blog has. Default charset for latest WordPress now is UTF-8.

Article Import plugin automatizes the process of posting articles only.

When you have your zip archive ready for upload, login to your WordPress Admin Console and open 'Write' Tab and choose 'Import Articles' submenu item.

Starting from version 1.11, you can point the plugin to the server folder with you text files. Files must be of the same format as described above. Do not forget about file order - the posts will be sorted by their filenames.

Don't be afraid of pretty large input form. It's easy to fill!

  • Author - selectbox to choose author of the records you are going to import.
  • Title - check it if you want plugin to extract title from first line of the post. You can specify how many words to take from the first line (0 = take all of them)
  • Start Date - first day when articles will start appearing on your blog. It can be date in the past or in the future. Default is current date.
  • Post Time - time of the day when you want your records to appear on blog. You should choose start time and end time, post will be assigned a random time from chosen interval. You can also override time for particular post using time override code.
  • Post Frequency - this is interval (in days) between two neighbour records to appear on blog. So, if you want your blog to be updated weekly, choose "1 post every 7 days". If you want your blog to be updated twice per day, choose "2 posts per day" (implemented in version 1.14)
  • Post Status - choose status of posts imported. To import posts as wordpress pages, choose "static".
  • Default Categories - choose categories where you want your records to go to by default. You can override categories for every single records. See the 'Available Override Codes' section below.
  • File - Browse your hard-drive to choose your zip file with articles which your prepared. Check samplearticles.zip that comes with this plugin.
  • Folder - enter server folder name to parse for files. It must be located in /wp-content/plugins/ folder
Check every field and then hit 'Import Articles'.

The plugin will unpack the zip file, sort the files by numbers and try to import every record. It will show message if any error happens or OK message.

When done, plugin will output total amount of articles imported and link to manage them. Every added article can be edited through common wordpress interface.

Now every article imported will appear on your blog when its time comes.

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