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Tracking features

To start tracking, you must create campaign using 'Add Campaign Screen'.

Here you enter Campaign ID, Campaign name, Campaign description. You choose Campaign Type (One Time, Monthly, PPC), start date and end date. Campaign cost needed to calculate ROI and other stats.

Campaign ID is the alias which will be displayed. It can contain letters (both cases) and digits.

Choose campaign type
as One time if you make single payment for the advertisement,
as Monthly if you pay the cost once per month
or Pay-per-Click (PPC) if payment happens for each click.

Split tester can be used for sending people to different URLs. This may be useful if you want to test how different texts/colors work for you and compare actions for different URLs. For example, if you wonder which of two site designs, back issued or new one is more suitable for bringing you more sales you may point out urls of two landing pages of the site with different design. Then the traffic you receive became split so that both variants could be analyzed regarding ROI.

Once you created campaign, you can obtain tracking code, view stats, add subcampaigns and edit campaign details.

To access certain campaign info, click on its name on 'Manage Campaigns' list.

When you click on campaign name, you get main Campaign Screen.

From here you can generate action code (click 'Code Generator' link in the bottom). Please note that for sale and action tracking you must replace default values (sale price and action name) with your real values.

You can also view 'Individual Actions' and 'Individual Sales' using corresponding links in the bottom of Actions/Sales summary tables.

Subcampaigns are used for extra stats feature: you are able to get main campaign stats, that includes all sales/events and also specific subcampaign stats.

You must obtain subcampaign code using its Code Generator.

Code Generator provides Tracking URL, Meta Refresh Page code, Sales tracking, Action tracking.

When clicking Tracking URL browser goes to tracking system in order to save stats about the hit and immediately redirects to the landing page of the site.

Another variant to track hits is to set Meta Refresh Page Code on the landing page to make browser while opening the page redirect itself to the Tracking URL to ensure tracking be done.

When tracking Sales or particular actions made on definite page of the site one should set inside of the html code corresponding code with appropriate slight changing mentioned above.

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WordPress GeoTargeting Plugin

WordPress GeoTargeting Plugin

ver 1.0.2

Use this wordpress plugin to output contents based on visitor's country or simply send all traffic from certain countries to other source.

Automatic GeoIP database updates.
One click installation. More details »

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wordpress plugin, wordpress geotargeting, seo plugin, article posting plugin, ad tracker, ad tracking software, php news script, news script